M2m Education, in Fort Lee, New Jersey, provides tutoring and exam prep to help students from elementary school to high school age realize their potential. We offer classes in all subjects, customized tutoring, and exam prep for New SAT I, SAT II, PSAT, SSAT, and PARCC, as well as all standardized tests.

Course Offerings

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Grades 1 – 6
Algebra I & II
New SAT I Math


The Writer's Workshop program is designed to help students develop the skills necessary to write in each of the four major categories of academic writing: expository, persuasive, narrative, and descriptive.  One-on-one counseling provides students with individual attention, and teachers work to identify and help improve specific problem areas.  Depending on the student, the focus of the Workshop can range from organizing the essay, brainstorming, writing effective sentences, or grammar skills. Students are taught to analyze information and make effective connections, which prepares them for open-ended and essay questions on standardized tests such as the PARCC and New SAT I, as well as for school assignments and college application essays.

Exam Preparatory Program

  • SAT II
  • PSAT
  • COOP

Public Speaking

Public speaking is an extremely crucial, albeit frequently overlooked, skill.  As students rely more heavily on text and instant messaging, they neglect the face-to-face interactions that will benefit them in professional contexts.  Effective communication skills are  essential to doing well in job interviews and succeeding in the workplace.  Learning these skills early on will have a tremendous impact on students’ futures, as well as being beneficial in the short term.  Students will be able to comfortably give presentations within a classroom setting, know how to properly address teachers and other figures of authority, and be instilled with a level of confidence that can help them stand out in class.

Current Events

The world is constantly changing, and every issue, no matter how remote it may seem, has a real influence on our daily lives. With the advancement of social media, more and more young people are becoming involved in and more knowledgeable about current events.  M2M’s Current Events course makes effective use of social media as a springboard for deeper exploration of important issues. We provide students with essential background information,  active discussion, and expose students to a variety of sources and materials. They read journalistic accounts, editorials, long-form articles, and are presented with primary documents whenever possible. These skills are a more advanced facet of critical reading and are especially pertinent to passage comparison on standardized testing. Additionally, by focusing on the news, this class gives students strong source material that can be used on essays.


Critical Reading & Vocabulary

With the advent of accessible and advanced technology, proper reading comprehension is quickly becoming a skill that is rarer and more valuable than it was before.  M2M’s Critical Reading & Vocabulary course is designed to help students improve their reading skills by focusing on more advanced writing, such as that found in scholarly periodicals and classic novels.  We teach students to effectively summarize and analyze complex pieces, while integrating vocabulary studies which are so important to success by exposing students to more refined writing, the Critical Reading & Vocabulary course also helps students learn to express their own ideas more effectively.  This wide-reaching course is intended to improve all facets of students’ language arts skills, making them stronger readers, speakers, and writers.