Creative Writing Courses

M2m Education believes that every student can become a better writer. We offer creative writing courses as well as individual tutoring lessons to help students of all ages develop the skills, ideas, and confidence they need to write well, and gain recognition for their writing. Conveniently located in Fort Lee, New Jersey, we are near most major highways in New Jersey and just across the Hudson River from New York.

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What do well written short stories, novels, essays, news articles, blog posts, and reports all have in common? Each of them keeps a reader interested. Each of them is written for a specific audience. Each of them is organized so that readers understand the writer’s ideas.

This class gives students from third grade and older the foundation they’ll need to develop into solid writers.

Highlights from the class include:

  • How to hook your readers.
  • Using the "conversation test" when you don't know what else to write.
  • How to create and use an outline. 
  • How to describe: tapping into all five senses and your emotions too. 
  • Writing essays to ace your tests. 
  • Coming up with killer story ideas. 
  • And much more! 


Why is writing a great short story such a valuable skill? Not only can short story writers tell stories without writing entire novels, they can also use their storytelling skills to improve personal narratives, SAT/ACT essays, and research papers.

Highlights from the class include:

  • An introduction to some of the greatest short stories and their authors.
  • What it means to "show and not tell" and how to actually do it. 
  • How to build suspense in your stories. 
  • Creating a great main character.
  • Coming up with a great story idea.
  • And much more! 



Bloggers, start your engines! If you’ve heard of Mashable, TMZ, Gawker, or Failblog, then you already know that blogs can be a powerful and diverse way to communicate to millions of people. Want to learn how to create your own blog, build an audience, and write to keep readers coming back for more?

This class teaches how a blog can help you gain an audience and all you need to know to get your blog up and running.

Highlights from the class include:

  • What all popular blogs have in common.
  • How having your own blog can help you apply to great schools.
  • SEO: Getting your blog to the top of Google searches. 
  • Blogging to get a head start on your career. 
  • Becoming a better writer through your blog posts. 
  • Writing for a targeted audience. 
  • And much more! 


Knowing how to write short stories also gives writers the chance to enter contests, understand literature better, and develop ideas they didn’t even know they had.

 Have you ever read a book and thought, “I could write something like this?” Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hold a book that had your name on its cover? Learn how other middle and high schoolers have written and published their novels and how you can write and publish your own.

This class teaches the steps to writing a novel and what every Stephen King, Nicholas Sparks, and John Green had to go through to get their novels published.

Highlights from the class include:

  • Developing and outlining a story idea. 
  • First or third person? Decide how best to tell your story.
  • How to write realistic dialogue.
  • Writing your story when you just aren't in the mood. 
  • What publishers are looking for and how to self publish your book. 
  • And much more!